Your Source for Organic and All Natural Products is proud to offer the full line of new organic and biological products. These products address many of the issues and concerns home owners and gardeners face year round. Our Organic fertilizers, insect control and pesticides, as well as all natural Ice melts, will help you to protect your children, pets and well water from the harmful chemicals that are common in many of the well known brands sold nationally. Our Microbe Life Line incorporates the use of beneficial microorganisms (Probiotics for the soil) to enhance soil and plant life.  This revolutionary series of all-natural beneficial microorganisms are the only products on the market today with two photosynthetic cultures enhancing photosynthesis and fixing Nitrogen from the atmosphere. also has a wholesale division selling to farmers, growers and turf specialists at


Microbe Life Store is an independent dealer and not affiliated with the manufacturer Ecological Laboratories.

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