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Mole Scram

Mole Scram

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MOLE SCRAM ™ was developed by EPIC as America’s Finest™ mole repellent. It is designed to provide the best mole repelling power for less money. Mole activity in your yard can result in holes, mounds and unsightly surface tunnels. Traditional control methods can be troublesome. Traps are messy and hard to install and maintain. Baits result in poison in your yard. Other repellents offer variable and slow-acting relief. Mole Scram™ has been proven to quickly and effectively reduce and eliminate mole activity!  Our all natural organic repellant contains active ingredients. Mole Scram also contains two other highly effective natural active ingredients that make it strong ... and it’s fast-acting too!  Mole Scram's 10-pound bag covers up to 7,500 sq. ft.
Triple-Action Protection
Against Moles
Bad Taste -- Makes moles' food
Hard to digest
Bad Smell -- Strong to them, but mild to us.
 Less Food -- Reduces insect population on the ground
More Active Ingredients 

No More Disfigured Lawns!
Natural Repelling Power!
Fast-Acting Granular Formula!
No Mixing or Spraying!
Effective in All Seasons!
100% Biodegradable!  Wont Hurt Animals!


Castor Oil...........15%

Citronella Oil......0.5%

Garlic Oil......0.0003%

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