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GrowItNaturally has assembled the top selection of products to control ants (including carpenter ants, fire ants etc...) both indoor and outdoor using organic ingredients as opposed to toxic chemicals.  You can feel better about these products for your children, pets and the environment!

10 products found in Ant & Bug Killers

ANTIXX Plus Granular Ant Control
  • $42.50
ANTIXX Liquid Ant Killer for Indoor & Outdoor
  • From $0.75

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ANTIXX Fire Ant Bait - 2 lb. Container (Covers 34,000 sf)
  • $47.25
Bonide Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew
  • From $19.00
Bonide Stink Bug Traps
  • $24.50
Monterey Sluggo Plus
  • From $20.75
Monterey Sluggo
  • From $18.50

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Avenger® Natural Bed Bug Killer
  • $11.00
I Must Garden Insect Control
  • $22.25
I Must Garden Ant Control
  • From $22.00