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Complete Garden and Landscape Starter Package Ready To Go

Complete Garden & Landscape Starter Pack

$108.95 $112.95


1 x Avenger Ready to Use Weed Killer 32 oz Spray
1 x Tick Killz Hose End Sprayer 8 oz
1 x Neptune's Harvest Rose and Flowering 1 quart
1 x Neptune's Harvest Vegetable and Fruit 1 quart
1 x Worm Power Combo Pack

(Covers Approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of Garden & Landscape)

This is the ultimate in gardening starter packs for organic gardeners that want the same products used by professionals! Ready to go for the best garden ever, this covers all the necessary plant food and nutrition with Neptune's Harvest and Worm Power, Pest Control with Tick Killz and Weed Control With Avenger Weed Killer.

Neptune's Harvest makes all their products out of organic fish and seaweed ingredients which are perfect for feeding your plants with the nutrients they need. It will help your plants retain water, build root mass and organic matter, and it will help to stimulate the growth of healthy probiotic materials.

The Worm Power Combo Pack comes with a 1 lb bag of granular fertilizer made from worm castings (ahem, "worm poop") to enrich your soil and a 32 oz bottle of liquid extract formula that, used in combination with Neptune's Harvest, will boost the health and yield of your vegetables and your flowers.

Avenger Weed Killer is a fast acting (less than two hours), organic herbicide that is safe around pets and humans. It won't stain your walkways or your plants and it's fully biodegradable, making treated areas safe to plant in again after just hours!

Tick Killz isn't just for tick control. It's organic formula will kill ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, and many other pest insects. It won't stain and it won't harm pets, people or pollinators! Tick Killz can be applied anywhere insects dwell and will repel them for up to thirty days after application.




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