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Chicken Poo Manure Poultry Litter Organic Fertilizer

Poultry Litter 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer

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Chicken Litter Organics Fertilizers improve soil structure, and water holding capacity over long term use.  These precision products also help prevent nutrient leaching and volatilization (gassing off).  Made entirely of recycled material (processed and pasteurized poultry litter) our fertilizer is pathogen free and perfectly safe for people and animals. Trust Avenger Organics pasteurized, all-natural, certified organic granular fertilizer, to meet all your goals!

Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer is an OMRI Listed, 73% slow release organic fertilizer also containing a host of micronutrients.  Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer contains a minimum 4-2-3 analysis.  Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer helps plants to become resistant to diseases, insects, and other environmental stresses better than many other fertilizers due to the increased nutrient availability and efficient absorption into the plant of a true organic fertilizer. Overall your plants are much more healthy compared to other plants using synthetic fertilizers as a food source. We have seen a remarkable reduction in disease and insect problems using the 4-2-3 slow release Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer.  Plants have also shown to be much healthier for a longer period of time, than other plants using a basic organic fertilizer. Another feature is the low odor due to pasteurization of the manure, allowing customers to enjoy the outdoors right after it has been applied.

Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer also enriches the soil and feeds the microbe population. The microbe bloom created will convert the nitrogen into all the essential amino acids and feed the plants. Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer feeds the soil. A healthy growing medium will produce healthy plants. Please remember when choosing your fertilizer that synthetic chemical fertilizers are soluble, can and do pollute the water, and destroy microbes in the soil. The synthetic chemical fertilizers also volatilize into the atmosphere and runoff from their intended site therefore polluting our environment. Synthetic fertilizers can also lose up to half their value due to runoff and phasing to the atmosphere and they can burn roots unless heavily watered. Chemical fertilizers require constant watering, contain less micro-nutrition and are heavily laden with salt. Use Avenger 4-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer, the one fertilizer that solves all of these problems and greatly helps the environment in the process and has an extremely low burning potential.


  • Enriches the soil and feeds the microbe population reducing the need for pesticide use.
  • Helps plants to be resistant to diseases, insects, and other environmental stresses.
  • OMRI Listed 73% slow release organic fertilizer.
  • Allows the soil’s microbe population to release nutrients as the plant needs them. No over feeding.
  • Safe around children and pets.
  • Assists in amending the soil to an organic state.
  • Very low odor compared to other organic fertilizers.
  • Processed from organic fed and bred poultry farms.
  • No run-off into waterways and lakes. 
  • No foliar burn potential.
  • Greener, healthier lawns and plants and more flavorful fruits. 
  • Less frequent application than synthetics and less watering required. 
  • Easy to apply with a spreader.
  • Quick green-up and  natural slow release (insoluble nitrogen) for months of steady consistent growth.
  • Environmentally safe, non-leaching, neutral pH.
  • Increases root strength.
  • Improves soil’s ability to manage water.
  • Free of pathogens and bacteria. 

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