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Worm Power: Power Pack Combo

Worm Power: Power Pack Combo


A combination of our Organic Liquid Extract our Organic All Purpose Plant Food:

A  completely Organic Liquid Plant Food that will promote the well-being of the soil, enhancing your plants vigor and growth all season long, from seed to bloom to harvest. Feeds your indoor and outdoor plants. WP Organic Liquid Plant food is  ready to use, has an easy pour drain-back spout with measuring cap included. Apply a small amount  every 10-14 days during growing season. WP Organic Liquid Plant food will enhance stress tolerance, strengthen core plant structure, increase water holding capacity (less watering!), and prolong the blooming and flower set cycle.

Add to your germinating mix, seed starting mix, or potting mix. Use in raised beds, or to top-dress your plants. Worm Power will help lessen transplant shock and expand the root zone during critical growth stages. 

Go Forth and Grow!

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