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Complete Organic SpringLandscape and Flower Starter Package Ready To Go

Spring Starter Pack for Flowers & Landscape



1 x MicrobeLife Vegetable and Fruit Yield Enhancer Hose End Sprayer
1 x Neptune's Harvest Rose and Flowering 1 qt

Covers Approximately 6,000 sq. ft.

Combining Neptune's Harvest with MicrobeLife helps to build healthy soil by introducing beneficial microbes to the soil and by feeding the plant itself with the mighty nutrients contained in Neptune's Harvest products. Try our Lawn Starter Pack to test the full effectiveness of these products for yourself!

Rose & Flowering Formula is an organic, environmentally friendly fertilizer containing the perfect blend of nutrients for all your rose and flowering plant or tree needs. This product is a storehouse of over 60 major and minor chelated nutrients plus amino acids. Tomato & Vegetable Formula can be used on all plant types and in all situations, as well as for to treat all trees and shrubs. Tomato & Vegetable Formula increases nutrient efficiency, helps soils retain water, builds root mass and organic matter and stimulates beneficial microbial activity.  All this while decreasing the costs of other inputs such as nitrogen and phosphorous-based fertilizers and pesticides.
· Better yields, health and growth.
· Over 60 micronutrients - a "multivitamin" for your plants.
· Helps soils retain nutrients & water.
· Increases plant health and reduces pesticide use.
· Higher Phosphate for more vibrant and healthy blooms.

MicrobeLife Vegetable and Fruit Yield Enhancer works on flowering beds as well as vegetable gardens! MicrobeLife products are highly-active, biological products containing valued photosynthetic cultures and endo mycorrhizal fungi, with a balanced blend of organic carbon and essential elements for improved soil and turf biology. They serve a variety of purposes!

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