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Kumulus DF/Acoidal

Kumulus DF/Acoidal


KUMULUS DF or Acoidal are wettable sulfur formulations used as a fungicidal control on crops and turf. Sulfur is present in a range of fine particles that provide ease of handling, good coverage, rapid action on the plants. The micro-granularKumulus DF / Acoidal Sulfur Organic Disease formula flows readily without dust and dissolves rapidly for an easily maintained suspension.
Sulfur has multi-site activity against fungi and has been observed to inhibit respiration, disrupt proteins through cross-linking, form forming heavy metal chelates within fungal cells, and produced oxidation products.  These fungicidal properties result in the inhibition of spore germination and hyphal growth. The fungicidal activity of Kumulus is thought to also be the result of a direct effect of sulfur contact with fungal cells.

Kumulus (Acoidal) is a potent organic fungicide that kills pathogens through multiple mechanisms, thus greatly reducing the potential of resistance.

Kumulus (Acoidal) Benefits

• Multiple modes of action greatly reduces resistance in disease and pests.
• OMRI-Listed for most stringent organic standards.
• For maximum results, applications should be made at 5-7 day intervals.
• A unique, micronized formulation allows for a dust-free, dry flowable sulfur in a granular form.
• Kumulus (Acoidal) dissolves without formation of foam and offers outstanding suspension ability.
• Advanced engineering results in sulfur particles of 9 microns or less, and mixes easily in water without any special agitation.

Kumulus (Acoidal) Is Labeled for Many Diseases and Pests

Diseases Include: Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, Brown Rot, Blossom Blight, Fusarium patch, Take-All Patch, Peach Canker, Shot Hole, Prune Rust, Rust...
Pests Include: Red Spider Mite, ScabTwo-Spotted Mite, Eriophyid mites, Strawberry Mite, Pacific Mite, Bank Grass Mite, Atlantic Mite...
And Many More Diseases and Pests...

Kumulus (Acoidal) General Application Instructions

For Ground Applications: In general, apply 2-10 pounds of product per acre.

*Rates vary depending on crop and disease or pest. Please see label for more detailed application instructions.

Kumulus (Acoidal) Application Notes:

• Apply when disease first appears and repeat at 5-10 day intervals.
• If necessary, add a few drops of oil to avoid foaming.
• Do not apply if temperatures during or within 3 days after application are expected to exceed 90°F in the area to be treated.

Kumulus (Acoidal) Active Ingredients


Available Sizes

• 30 lb. Bag (covers approximately 1/2 to 1 acre).

Product Information:

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