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Seasonal Advice from the Experts at Green Earth Ag & Turf

Advances in Organic Weed and Pest Control – Fal...

ORGANICS ARE NO LONGER A COMPROMISE. I am very excited to finally be able to put those words into print after a decade in the organic green industr...

Preventing Damage from Moles and Deer this Fall

Of all the pests that risk the health of your lawns and landscaping this autumn, damage from moles and deer pose one of the greatest threats. As fo...

How to Protect Your Lawn from Fall Weed Growth

Many of the dormant weeds you may see growing in your lawn today re-started their growth process in the late summer when temperature dropped and mo...

Stop Fall's Grubs from Becoming Spring's Problem

Fall is here and the grubs are out; that means it’s a perfect time to save your lawn with grubGONE! In addition to killing the grubs that are activ...

Taking Care of Your Turf This Fall?

Fall is the perfect time to get a jump start on spring greening by nurturing turf's natural root growth with Quantum Growth and Neptune's Harvest....

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Fiesta / Pulverize Selective Weed Killer
Fiesta / Pulverize Selective Weed Killer
  • $65.00
  • From $7.99
beetleGONE! beetleJUS Organic beetle control organic grub control
beetleGONE! (Free Shipping)
  • $68.00
  • From $62.00
  • $73.00
  • From $64.99
Tick Killz
Tick Killz
  • $38.84
  • From $30.50
Quantum Growth Total Organic
Quantum Growth Total Organic
  • $62.00
  • $46.00
Finalsan / Pulverize Non-Selective Organic Weed Killer
Finalsan / Pulverize Non-Selective Organic Weed Killer
  • $90.00
  • From $7.99