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Organic Tips & Tricks

Fall Lawn and Landscape Applications

Joe Magazzi

Have you done your fall turf applications yet? It is not too late, in fact it is a great time with the weather being unseasonably warm! The fall is critical for turf care, as this is the time of the year that grass will establish root growth. A treatment with a combination of Quantum Growth (or MicrobeLife in smaller sizes) and Neptune's Harvest 2-0-2 no phosphorous formulation will pay dividends not only for greener lawns longer this winter, but for quicker greening in the spring as well as healthier, thicker turf next year. Fall is the best time of the...

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Welcome to the new! Professional products with real technical and scientific support!

Emily Magazzi

Exciting changes are happening with, and we want you to share the great news with you! has now merged with Green Earth Ag & Turf.  Green Earth Ag & Turf is the top wholesale supplier of organic products in the country with a  decade of experience in the green industries. Run by real scientists that work with the top professionals in the country (such as farmers that grow tomatoes for Heinz Ketchup, Professional Sports Turfs such as The Tampa Bay Bucaneers, and the best horticulturists that grow prize winning orchids), we can now offer the same products these...

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