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Joe Magazzi, MS

President, Owner, Co-Founder

Since 2004, Joe has been involved in the research and development of microbial-based probiotic products for use in turf care, horticulture and agriculture. Previously, Joe had 20 years of experience as a research scientist and project manager in the biotech industry.

As co-founder and president of Green Earth Ag and Turf, Joe has expertise in methods for building healthier soil, integrating greener methods into professional practices and reducing inputs and costs. Joe is also a frequent invited speaker, radio interviewee and writer for trade magazines and online publications in the green industries.

Joe was an adjunct professor in the SUNY system and is a New York State Pesticide Instructor.  He served on the board of the Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association (CNLA) and was co-chair of their Summer Field Day Committee, and serves or served on the scientific advisory committees of multiple companies in the green industries.  

Joe has a Master's Degree in genetics (with a microbiology focus) from the University of Connecticut (Storrs), and has had his research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Neurology, Brain, etc.

Marcus Magazzi, KID

Boss Man

Although his title may not be President or Vice President, Marcus truly is the boss of Green Earth Ag & Turf. A born naturalist, Marcus is well versed on many of our organic products, and has his own fruit farm and garden. If you ask him about soil probiotics or chicken poop fertilizer, he will be more than happy to explain to you how they work (pack a lunch).  Marcus working on his degree (in general studies with a focus on fun) from Eight Grade. Marcus brings his unique early-teen expertise and knowledge from middle school, such as helping the older people with computer problems, to the office everyday. He especially likes heavy equipment such as forklifts. The heir to the throne, Green Earth Ag & Turf will be in good hands for many years to come.

Vincent Amendola

Operations Manager

Vin carries a varied background with him: he’s been a writer and editor, bartender, and previously worked as a technical assistant at a semi-national company while they transitioned to a new accounting software program.

Vin juggles multiple responsibilities daily, anything and everything from responding to customer inquiries to sprucing up the online store. He is also the guitar player for Modern Refuge, a New Haven-based rock band.

Renee Bobko

Logistics & Shipping Specialist

Renee brings a wealth of experience in logistics, previously working with notable companies such as The Baby Club of America, West Springfield Auto Parts and Factory Motor Parts.  You will find Renee’s friendly smile and demeanor whether you visit our offices for pick-ups or when she’s delivering your orders. Renee loves classic rock!

Peter Bourdeau

Warehouse/Logistics Manager

Pete joined the team in February 2019 after a long stint as a chef for a local tavern. He brings with him his trademark charm and wit, with a B.S. in Human Biology from
Central Connecticut State University and pursuing his graduate degree next.

In addition to helping keep our extensive warehouse organized, Pete is responsible for the packing and shipping of our products so be on the lookout for his notes on receipts written in a doctor's scrawl he's been working on since high school.

Jeremy Demetrio

Logistics & Shipping Specialist

Jeremy joined Green Earth Ag & Turf in July 2020 as a temporary employee and we haven't let him leave since.  Jeremy grew up in and graduated high school in East Haven, where he was also a former High School Wrestling Star and played and coached recreational baseball.

Jeremy currently majors in Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven and plans to graduate in 2023 and go into investigative services.  Jeremy likes to hunt and fish and is also a tutor for New Haven Reads.

Our Headquarters

Green Earth Ag & Turf LLC

53 East Industrial Road Suite #C4
Branford, CT 06405