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Microbe Life Hydroponics

Hydroponic hardware is important for an effective growing setup, but to produce superior plants it's vital to keep an eye on the chemistry of your growing with MicrobeLife Hydroponics.

The two most important factors in plant growth are light and biology. We focus on using organics to improve plant quality over hardware, giving us more time to spend on finding great hydroponic products that have a real effect on these two factors.

MicrobeLife Hydroponicsuse beneficial microbes to improve the biology of the growing medium to improve the effects of fertilizers with the backing of university studies and field comparisons. 

MicrobeLife Hydroponics Benefits

Microbes contained within MicrobeLife can improve the health of plants in a variety of ways. 

Its benefits begin in the roots by increasing and restoring essential root zone biology, which is often neglected with conventional soil treatment.MicrobeLife Hydroponics 

Healthy roots mean improved plant processes. Active root biology can provide more more light absorption during photosynthesis leading to higher yield in crops, color in flowers, and a reduction in chemical treatments for disease.

The microbes in MicrobeLife colonize roots and growth media to:

  • convert minerals (from fertilizers etc.) to compounds that can be more easily absorbed
  • combat the spread of less desirable microbes
  • fix nitrogen levels in the root zone and at the foliar level
  • help eliminate waste and toxic compounds

MicrobeLife Hydroponics help to break down nutrients applied through fertilizers so they can be more readily absorbed by the plant, leading to faster growth and improved bloom and yield.

We recommend pairing MicrobeLife Hydroponics with Neptune's Harvest fertilizers. Neptune's Harvest offer fish and seaweed formulations for a variety of applications.

Quantum Growth

Quantum Growth is a revolutionary product that helps grow healthier and better quality plants. Growing media contains nutrients, water, air, and organics (microbes). Traditionally, growers address the first three components through fertilization, irrigation and aeration. However, the most vital component--the living part, is usually neglected.

Quantum Growth and MicrobeLife contains live microbes (probiotics) to specifically address this critical part of soil that other treatments cannot.

Photosynthesis Plus

MicrobeLife Hydroponics' OMRI listed Photosynthesis Plus uses two strains of microbes to enhance plant photosynthetic processes.

These strains are capable of absorbing light at wavelengths the plant itself does not absorb, allowing plants to capture and utilize light more efficiently.



MicrobeLife Hydroponics' Nourish-L is a liquid humate supplement containing natural carbon from fish and vegetation.MicrobeLife Hydorponics


Nourish-L makes it easier for plants to absorb vital nutrients leading to a variety of benefits:

  • improves water uptake
  • increases root system to accelerate plant growth 
  • helps plants resist environmental stress and disease 


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For more information and links to university studies, visit our parent company Green Earth Ag & Turf.