What are Probiotics?

Probiotics, simply put, are micro-organisms that are good for your plants, your soil, and even people! The use of probiotics is our bread and butter here at GrowItNaturally.com. We think it's the next big thing in organic growing, and we hope you will too.

How does it work?
Traditionally, growers address the first three components through fertilization, irrigation and aeration. However, the most vital component of soil - the living part, is usually neglected. Our probiotic products include live microbes and other kinds of rich organic matter to nurture the life within the soil and help plants better process the nutrients they need to grow. 
While most chemical fertilizers on the market today simply dump chemical based nutrients into the soil, our organic formulas foster rich environments both in your plants and in your soil. The difference is incredible! 

But why does it matter?
Are you kidding? Growers who use our probiotic products will see significantly higher growth and crop yields. Guaranteed. It's the trusted fertilizing option for golf courses, baseball fields, and commercial farmers and landscapers around the country!
Our products have no harmful effects on the environment, animals or people. Produced in an EPA and FDA certified manufacturing facility, every batch goes through very strict quality control and toxicity testing. There are multiple unparalleled studies from the top universities in the world validating how effective our products are - many products don't even have one study proving their claims.
The use of live microbes is safe, reliable, and sustainable. That's why it matters.

Well, what can I do with it?
Our products are used across a wide variety of industries with proven results; from major commercial growers, premier golf courses, top landscapers and arborists to small farmers, home growers and in hydroponics. Quantum Growth can be used on all plants, turf, trees and shrubs and on fruits and vegetables without any toxicity. Plus, because these products aren't based on chemicals they require no refrigeration, venting, or any other special requirements.