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Organic was not originally one way to grow, it was the only way to grow.  If you research organics and growing practices, you find that many of the things now used for growing our food were originally used to kill people!  For example, nitrogen-based synthetic ferti
girl with flowerslizers came from the bomb making infrastructure built in the US during World War II.  So why would we want food grown with products intended to hurt us?  The real question is, why wouldn't we be growing organically?

When we started in this field a decade ago, organics used to mean compromising results. But organics are no longer a compromise!  In fact, many of the products found on this website are not only safer than the synthetic counterparts, but they work better too. For example, our grubGONE! & beetleGONE natural products are as effective, or more so, than chemical grub killers.  Plus, they are so specific, they don't kill any beneficial insects, such as lady bugs or pollinators.  It's what we call a true "silver bullet." Many of our customers are not 100% organic, they use our products simply because they get better results.

Organic products aren't just safer for people, they're safer for plants too. With organics, you don't have to worry about correcting chemical burn or staining so you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time fighting with chemical products. Higher yields, less input costs, less disease.  Simply put: better results at lower long-term costs for home lawn and garden care, and without worries!

With, you, the home grower, now have access to the same products and programs that the top professional growers, turf field managers, and greenhouse growers use. Why organics?  Safer and better.  The real question is...why not organics?