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Deer Scram Organic Animal Repellent - 2.5 lb Shaker

Deer Scram

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EPIC’s repellents are highly and almost immediately effective. The repelling granules do not harm, poison or kill the target animals. Rather they change the animal’s environment by causing the surroundings to smell bad to them, inspiring fear or avoidance. Deer Scram works by giving the animal the sense that a dead deer or rabbit is on the other side of the repelling barrier, instilling a fear in them, training them not to return to treated areas. EPIC Granular Repellents are easy to use. There is no mixing or spraying and no expensive equipment or maintenance required. The product is simply sprinkled on the ground using the scoops provided or a low cost spreader. As a bonus to both you and your customer, there is no bad odor during or after application. Since our products do not wash off with rain or irrigation, their effectiveness lasts for 30 to 45 days (and up to 90 days in the winter) before reapplication is necessary. When you determine the cost of our granules per linear or square foot, our products will provide more protection at a lower cost to you than other leading brands. 

DEER SCRAM Benefits:
• Easy to apply.
• Safe and organic.
• Fast-acting and longer lasting (30-45 days).
• Protects plants and lawn year-round.
• Additional benefit for clients means additional revenue for you.
• Stops deer and rabbits from returning – Guaranteed!

DEER SCRAM is organic and environmentally-friendly, is effective for extended periods and is safe for pets, animals and children.


Dried blood.....39.3%


White Pepper...2.8%


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