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I Must Garden Snake Repellent

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I Must Garden Snake Repellent is an effective, natural granular repellent that is great for keeping snakes away from protected areas without using toxins or harmful chemicals. It does not contain napthalene.

As an added bonus, I Must Garden Snake Repellent carries a pleasant scent that makes application easy. It works by irritating snakes' main sensory organs, making the treated area uncomfortable to the snake to linger in.

How it Works

Snakes "see" with their tongues by collecting particles from their environment on it and then passing it over sensory organs in their mouth called Jacobson's Organ. The ingredients in I Must Garden Snake Repellent interfere with the Jacobson's Organ causing discomfort and confusion causing snakes to leave the area.

I Must Garden Snake Repellent Application Instructions

For best results, apply on a dry day.

  • Initial Application: Sprinkle an 8" wide band around the area to be protected & broadcast the interior area with the repellent at a rate of 1 lb. per 64 sq. ft.
  • Maintenance Applications: Broadcast at a rate of 1 lb.  per 100 sq. ft. every 2-3 weeks to maintain control. Additional applications may be necessary.

This product is not intended for use in water. It is rain resistant and will continue to be effective through average periods of rainfall.

I Must Garden Snake Repellent Active Ingredients

  • Cedarwood Oil........................3.4%
  • Clove Oil.................................1.3%
  • Cinnamon Oil..........................1.2%

I Must Garden Snake Repellent Available Size

  • 4 lb. shaker..............................400 sq. ft.

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