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GroundWorks Natural Eco & Pet Friendly Icemelters

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44 lb. Single Bag & 50 lb. Pails are Available for Free Local Pick Up
*NOTE:  2x 22 lb. Bags SHIP FOR FREE in One 46 lb. Box.

GroundWorks Natural™ Icemelter is a premium product designed to tackle the worst winter weather conditions - but with the same potassium-based ingredient as common organic lawn fertilizers.  GroundWorks is designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being eco-friendly, pet safe, and easy to use.  With a unique potassium formulation, this product won't burn pets' paws or your lawn, such as happens with common rock salts, ureas or other type of harsher ice melts.

GroundWorks works better than traditional icemelters without any of the risks! is proud, as the top US organic online retailer, to be a leading partner and distributor of Xynyth Manufacturing brands - the North American leader in the icemelter industry for 35-plus years!

  • GroundWorks Eco & Pet Friendly Ice MeltsPowerful to -9°F (-23°C). 
  • Safest on lawns and plants - contains fertilizer & food-grade ingredients!
  • Safest for Pets!
  • Urea free.
  • Concentrated powder.
  • No messy residue like calcium or magnesium chlorides.
  • Safe on concrete when used properly*.  Read more about other icemelters and concrete damage by CLICKING HERE.
  • GroundWorks Natural™ Icemelter does not chemically affect quality air entrained concrete or treated wood. It allows for a greater volume of water to evaporate, assisting in the prevention of damage to concrete associated with freeze/thaw cycles.  

*Note: Icemelters should not be applied to unsealed concrete, brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

GroundWorks Icemelter Composition

GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is a fertilizer based icemelter made primarily from the vital element Potassium.  Potassium is a required nutrient for turf and plant life and has long been considered a safer ingredient (than standard rock salts, calcium chlorides, urea etc.) to melt ice effectively.

  • Apply at a rate of 10 - 20 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (¼ - ½ cup per square yard).

Application Notes:

  • GroundWorks Icemelter is best applied in a uniform, even distribution pattern.
  • It is easiest to spread by mechanical means, such as a spreader, depending on size of coverage.
  • It is recommended to remove ice and slush once ice bond has broken.
  • Icemelter may be applied at the beginning of a storm to prevent hard ice accumulations.

  • 10 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 1,000 square feet).
  • 22 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 2,200 square feet).
  • 44 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 4,400 square feet).
  • 50 lb. Pail* (Covers 5,000 square feet).
  • 1 Metric Ton or 2,300 lb. Tote* (Covers 230,000 square feet or 5.3 acres).GroundWorks Natural Eco & Pet Friendly Icemelter Xynyth

* We also have pallet sizes of GroundWorks icemelters that ship from our satellite warehouses AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE

Or e-mail or call us directly at (866) 374-5101 or for more detailed product information and other bulk wholesale icemelter options from the US Leaders in Organics & Eco-Friendly products.

*Mountain Organic is the exact same wholesale formulation as GroundWorks.





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