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beetleGONE! Organic Grub & Beetle Killer


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It's BACK - EXCITING NEWS!   After 2 years, beetleGONE! is in stock and ready to ship.  Place your order now to reserve stock on a first come, first served basis.  Our supplies are limited right now and can't guarantee when the next batch will be ready.  

beetleGONE! ® is the beetleGONE! organic beetle control first Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) bio-insecticide to control adult scarab beetles (and the larvae or turf grubs) at a level of efficacy equivalent to chemical standards but without the side effects or off-target damage to beneficial insects, such as pollinators. With beetleGONE!, entire landscapes or crops can be economically, effectively and safely protected from destructive beetle pests such as Japanese, Asiatic, June and Oriental Beetles as well as European, Cupreous, Southern and Northern Masked Chafers. Unlike other biological or chemical grub-control products, beetleGONE can be used as a curative treatment for grub control as well as a preventative treatment.

• Novel & natural Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) grub and beetle control organic bee safe pollinator friendly
• Much broader range of control: Japanes
e, Oriental, June and Asiatic beetles; Chafers, Weevils & Emerald Ash Borers.
• Can be used as a curative and preventative treatment for grubs!
• Proven to not harm, bees, pollinators or other beneficial insects (such as parastic wasps and beneficial nematodes that also kill grubs).
• Works against first to third instar grubs. 

• Novel activity on adult beetles & grubs.
• Convenient wettable powder can be sprayed using any spray equipment.

Is effective in cooler temperatures than other biologicals.
• 3 Year Shelf Life!

Application Directions:
Plants, Crops, Landscape & Trees
: Use beetleGONE! at a rate of 2 ounces per gallon.  Coverage is 2.5 pounds per acre.
Turf (Grubs): Use at a rate of 0.35 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (in 1 to 2 ounces or 1/2 a cup per gallon of water).

*Note: beetleGONE! and grubGONE! are feeding inhibitors that start to work as sopon as they are injested. As such, you may see beetle still alive for days to a week although they will not be eating the plants and causing any damage.

Ingredients: Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae Strain SDS-502

*Meets the requirements of the National Organic Program (NOP) for use in organic production

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