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Microbe-Lift Aquaponics Nite-Out II

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MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II is designed specifically for aquaponic systems and pond waters that contain fish. This highly-specialized microbial consortium of natural bacteria is specially formulated to eliminate ammonia via a natural biological process termed nitrification. The cultures contained in MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II will establish, promote or stabilize and maintain nitrification in pond waters, eliminating the toxic effect of ammonia; speeding up cycling and reducing potential nitrite toxicity. Nitrite is produced as part of the natural process of breaking down harmful waste ammonia excreted by fish. Even though nitrite is not as toxic as ammonia, it is still very damaging to the health of fish.

Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II Benefits

  • Detoxifies ammonia through natural biological cycling
  • Initiates nitrification
  • Clears water
  • Promotes stable nitrification
  • Chemical Free
  • Provides stable cold weather nitrification
  • Safe for use around fish, plants and animals

Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II Application Rates

  • For initial treatment in a new tank or aquaponics set-up, use 1 ounce per 80 gallons of aquarium water (10 ml per 100 litres) until neither ammonium nor ammonia or nitrite are measurable.
  • Apply 1 ounce per 80 gallons of aquarium water (10 ml per 100 litres) with each water change. The same dosage is recommended when new fish are added to the aquarium.
  • The bottle should be stored in the refrigerator at 4 -7 °C after opening.

Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II Active Ingredient

 MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II contains the following nitrifying bacteria:

  • Nitrosomonas (convert ammonia to nitrite).
  • Nitrospira and Nitrobacter (convert nitrite to nitrate).

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