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nitrogen diagram

Microbe Life contains a consortium of more than 30 strains of beneficial bacteria and organic humates that provide key traits for turf and plant growth enhancement.

Microbe Life contains bacteria that both fix nitrogen from the air (thus fertilizing turf and plants naturally) and bacteria that help cycle higher forms of nitrogen, such as ammonia and urea, into nitrates - the principle form of nitrogen utilized by plants. This makes fertilizer cycle to a useable form much quicker, and allows for reduction or elimination of nitrogen inputs that would otherwise volatilize into the air or leach into our water systems. Microbe Life also contains microbes that solubilize phosphates, making them more accessible to turf, plants and trees and allowing for reductions in phosphate use and runoff. These microbes also incorporate nutrients into their cell bodies as they move and live in and on turf and plants, essentially acting as a living transportation system. Microbe Life also contains humates - high quality organic matter that essentially acts as a "sponge" for nutrients, binding over 50 different elements from the periodic table. Nutrients (including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium etc...) are retained and slowly released back into the soil instead of washing through. The combination of beneficial bacteria and organic humates in Microbe Life combine to make fertilizer and nutrient values much higher, helps users greatly reduce fertilizer inputs (50%) and costs, and is much better for the environment.

Microbe Life does not contain any N-P-K, is environmentally-friendly and can be used in areas where fertilizer is banned, regulated or not desired. Significant cost savings are realized through fertilizer reductions with the use of Microbe Life.