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Benefits & Results

Microbe Life contains a wide consortium of beneficial microorganisms that provide key traits for plant, turf and tree growth, health, quality and yield.

Hydroponic and soilless growers have had a great deal of success integrating Microbe Life into their growing and treatment programs. Microbe Life is currently being used across the United States and internationally by some of the largest growers in the world.

MicrobeLife Comparison The benefits of using Microbe Life include:

  • Increased yields of 20% or greater.
  • Higher quality and more marketable plants.
  • Reduced time to harvest.
  • Decreased clogging and blockages in the irrigation and drip tape systems.
  • Lower chemical and fertilizer inputs.
  • Decreased need for watering.
  • Faster seed germination.
  • Improved plant health and disease resistance.

“I definitely saw an improvement (25 to 30 percent)

using your product” ...William from Massachusetts.

hydroponic farmStoney Meadows Farm in Massachusetts successfully used Microbe Life to grow strawberries in their hydroponics setup. They were able to eliminate pesticide use completely without any disease in their greenhouse. Fertilizer use was cut back 50%. Also, the addition of Microbe Life stabilized the pH of the water. Growth was seen sooner than expected, and fruits were ready for market 2 weeks earlier than expected. The markets bought up all of their strawberries due to more symmetrical fruit than the other farms were producing.