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When you utilize organic fertilizers, made of natural materials such as; compost, worm castings, animal waste and fish emulsion, you are feeding the soil which in turn, feeds the plants.

Why synthetic fertilizers miss the mark

Synthetic fertilizers feed the plants and the soil starves. Ammonium fertilizers, like certain versions of Miracle-Gro, are the least beneficial of the synthetic fertilizers. They contain Ammonium Phosphate and other chemicals that may be toxic to your soil and your plants. The Ammonium Phosphate acidifies the soil and is probably more harmful to soil organisms than any other nitrogen fertilizer. These synthetic fertilizers provide a huge, fast growth burst for plants but, they tend to encourage leaf production at the expense of fruit production. In addition, they do not contain many of the nutrients and trace elements, found in organic matter, which are essential for healthy plants.

Good soil management

OMRI listedA good soil management program would start with an organic fertilizer, such as Neptune’s Harvest Fish Emulsion or Fish-Seaweed Blend. These products are complete fertilizers. As opposed to Miracle-Gro which offers synthetic NPK (Nitrogen - N, Phosphorus - P & Potassium - K) and little else, Neptune’s Harvest products, made from fresh North Atlantic fish, contain vitamins, micro and macro nutrients, amino acids, and natural growth hormones. Besides the many healthy advantages you would receive from using an OMRI Certified Organic fertilizer – University studies have shown Neptune’s Harvest to outperform Chemical Fertilizers.

In addition to a quality organic fertilizer, there are two cutting-edge Microbe Life products that we recommend to ensure the all-around health of your soil and your garden - Photosynthesis Plus and Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer.

Beneficial Bacteria

Photosynthesis Plus utilizes photosynthetic bacteria to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. This means your plants are fertilized naturally and without wasteful and harmful runoff, as occurs with excess chemical fertilization. These photosynthetic bacteria also enhance photosynthesis by increasing the plants ability to convert energy from the sun into energy for plant growth. In the rhizosphere (root area), these beneficial microbes enable the plant to absorb all of the available nutrients, trace minerals, and essential elements.

Increased absorption of nutrients in Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer is a unique conditioner that is derived from an extremely rare and highly decomposed organic humus deposit, containing Photosynthetic Bacillus, humic acid and other live microbiology. The result is a better media structure and an enhancement that may aid in the ability for Fruits and Vegetables to absorb nutrients.

The use of an Organic Fertilizer along with Photosynthesis Plus and Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer is our healthy alternative to using Miracle-Gro. This soil management program will ensure healthy, hearty, plants. Root systems will be larger, Fruits and Vegetables yields will be greater and taste better, flowers will have larger blooms, and, the quality of your soil will be amazing. Most importantly, you and your family will be eating healthy produce. It really is true what they say, you are what you eat.