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Bio Shot Growth Enhancer (1 Liter or 33.8 oz.)

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Bio Shot™ is a highly concentrated combination of plant extracts designed to increase microbial populations and nutrient availability over a variety of crop production systems.  Bio Shot is a novel formulation that results in a product that is essentially a 10x concentrated version of the active ingredients in VITAZYME, delivering a more potent, cost effective way to dramatically increase yields, plant health and increase blooms.


Bio Shot Mechanism of Action


Rather than supplying bulk nutrients the extracts in Bio Shot work to accelerate growth inside the plant cell via cell signaling. The receptors on the plant cell receive the "message" that Bio Shot is sending and cause a cascade effect of positive responses inside the plant that result in more chlorophyll production, more carbohydrate and amino acid production, and more root exudation which will multiply and stabilize the population counts of soil borne microorganisms such as those found in Bio Seed. The microbial counts will then increase which will make macro and micro-nutrients available from conventional fertilizers and release nutrients from soil colloids and organic matter for plant uptake which might otherwise remain unavailable. This symbiotic feedback loop will make sure that the money spent on fertility products is being put to good use, and that the nutrient uptake by your crop is maximized throughout the growing season.


  • Bio Shot works at the extremely low rate of 1.5 oz. per acre.
  • With it’s 10X concentration, Bio Shot delivers the active agents to the spray tank without all the water.
  • Bio Shot is easy to use and compatible with most agrochemicals and cultural practices.
  • Bio Shot eliminates the need for extra application costs while boosting crop yield and quality.
  • With it’s low per acre cost, Bio Shot is an economical input for the sustainable intensification of any agricultural system with a very high Return On Investment (ROI).


  • Apply Bio Shot at a general rate of approximately 2 oz. per acre (150 mL / ha) depending on crop biomass.
  • A 0.1% solution (3/4 teaspoon per gallon) of Bio Shot can be used for smaller applications.
  • Apply every every 3-4 weeks until harvest.
  • Most frequent applications range from 2 – 4 times per season depending on growing season length and crop value.
  • Foliar applications are recommended, however in-furrow drenches have also shown efficacy.
  • Treat every 3-4 weeks until harvest.
  • Bio Shot will tank mix with all conventional chemistries; and will work extremely well with liquid fertilizers for foliar, in-furrow, or fertigation applications.



Extracts of rice bran wax .............. 0.200%
Extracts of rapeseed ....................... 0.005%


  • 1 Liter (33.8 oz.).  Covers 22.5 Acres.
  • * Also available as VITAZYME, a similar and lower concentrated form for smaller applications and a lower price point.  





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