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Groundworks Eco-Friendly Pet Safe Icemelters

Groundworks (Mountain Organic) Eco & Pet Friendly Ice Melts

$19.99 $34.27

GroundWorks Natural Ice melter is a premium fertilizer based product designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being completely eco-friendly, pet safe, and easy to use.  Made with potassium, a fertilizer and food-based ingredient, this product won't burn pet's paws or your lawn such as happens with common rock salts.

• Powerful to -9°F (-23°C).
• Safest on Lawns and Plants - It Contains fertilizer & food-grade ingredients!
• Safest for Pets!
• No Messy Residue or Tracking.
• Safe on Concrete (Read more about this here)

We also have larger (bulk) sizes and other variations of icemelts.  However, due to the price variations in shipping from our satellite warehouses throughout the United States, please e-mail us directly here for wholesale pricing and ordering information.  More information is available on our wholesale site here.


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