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Easy Organic Pack for Turf Grass - Pro's Choice (Covers 1/2 Acre)

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A $31 Savings Over Individual Products!

The same "program" and combo choice of all of our professional organic turf care applicators for over a decade - get pro results for DIY pricing and ease.

Pack Contains (Covers 1/2 Acre):

* Contact us to exchange 2-0-2 for the 2-3-2 formula (with phosphorus) at no additional cost.


NOTE: While this starter pack is intended for lawn care, these products can also be used effectively on trees, plants, vegetable gardens, and much more.


Combining Neptune's Harvest with Quantum Growth Total helps to build healthy soil by introducing beneficial microbes to the soil and by feeding the turf itself with the mighty nutrients contained in Neptune's Harvest novel Lawn Starter formula.


The result is synergistic: 1+1 = 4, not 2, with this combination.  


Neptune's Harvest Lawn Starter is a liquid organic fertilizer specifically designed for use on turf grass. Lawn Starter is an environmentally-friendly fertilizer containing the perfect blend of nutrients for all your turf and soil needs. This product is a storehouse of over 60 major and minor chelated nutrients plus amino acids. Lawn Starter can be used on all grass types and all turf situations, as well as for landscaping to treat all plants, trees and shrubs.  Lawn Starter increases nutrient efficiency, helps soils retain water, builds root mass and organic matter and stimulates beneficial microbial activity.  All this while decreasing the costs of other inputs such as nitrogen and phosphorous-based fertilizers and pesticides.

Quantum Growth Total is a highly-active, biological product containing valued photosynthetic cultures and endo mycorrhizal fungi, with a balanced blend of organic carbon and essential elements for improved soil and turf biology.


  • Use 0.5 oz. of Quantum Growth Total and 1 oz. of Neptune's Harvest Turf Formula per Gallon of Water.
  • Alternatively, apply 3 oz. of Quantum Growth Total and 6 oz. of Neptune's Harvest Turf Formula (Or Lawn Starter) per 1,000 square feet.

Application Notes:

  • For optimal results, mix Quantum Growth and Neptune's Harvest in the same tank.
  • Spray every 3-4 weeks during active growing season.
  • Apply when soil temperatures reach approximately 50°F (you can check your soil temperatures by following the link here and simply entering your zip code).
  • DO NOT store mixed product for more than a day. 

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