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McGeary Organics Low Phosphate 6-0-4

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*NOTE: Pallets and bulk orders are available, please call (866) 299-5165 for pricing and estimates.  Our experts will personally work with you on larger orders to reduce product and shipping costs.  

McGeary Organic Low Phosphate 6-0-4 is the perfect organic grass fertilizer in areas with phosphorus restrictions. This low phosphorus fertilizer is also an excellent general purpose fertilizer for gardens and farm crops where fertilizers have been overused. McGeary Organic Low Phosphate 6-0-4 contains no manure or foul odors, will not burn plants, and is a natural, slow release fertilizer.

  • Great for use in areas with phosphorus restrictions.
  • No manure.
  • No foul odor.
  • Will not burn plants.
  • Add 10 to 20 lb. per 1,000 square feet (1-2 lb. per 100 square feet or about 400 to 50 lb. per acre).

    McGeary Organics Low Phosphate 6-0-4 Ingredients

    Soybean Meal, Gypsum, Non-Bovine Blood Meal, Compost, Langbeinite.

    • 50 lb. Bag (Covers 2.500 to 5,000 square feet).
    • Also available in bulk and pallet quantities.  Click Wholesale Tab Below for Bulk or Wholesale Inquires, or call (866) 374-5101. 



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