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Potash Potassium Granular 0-0-50

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Potash Potassium 0-0-50 (plus 17% Sulfur) is a granular fertilizer is a vital nutrient for cell wall strength and plant, tree and turf vigor. Crops can use as much as 250 Pounds of Potassium per acre per year, making Potassium first runner up in abundance needed for plants and turf to thrive. You can apply it as a supplement or other natural blended materials to aid in soil deficiencies. Potash also adds vital calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

  • Enhances soil potassium for plants, trees and turf for strength and turgidity of plants, trees and turf.
  • Adds vital calcium, magnesium and sulfur to soils.
  • Easy to spread granular. 
  • Also contains 17% sulfur.
  • Potash is an easy and natural way to build plants structure and add vital soil nutrients and increase plant strength and turgidity.
  • Can be applied as a supplement or other natural blended materials to aid in soil deficiencies.
  • Consistent SGN 240 granular particle size.

Add Potash Potassium at a general rate of 5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (200 lbs. per acre) for turf, landscape bedding or in agriculture. A good soil test is suggested, follow recommended application rates in that case.
May be used multiple times per year.

  • Vegetative Ash (Potash).

Guaranteed Analysis 

  • Potassium ...................... 50%
  • Sulfur ............................... 17%
  • 44 lb. Bag (Covers approximately 8,800 square feet at mid-rate).
  • Pallets Available On Request.

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