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Megaphoton 315W Single Ended CMH Grow Light Fixture

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Megaphoton 315W CMH Lamp Indoor GrowingMegaphoton 315W Single Ended CMH Grow Light Fixture is the most efficient Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lamp on the market. The Megaphoton housing keeps the electronics cool, significantly reducing the possibility of faults and extending its operating life. In independent tests, the fixture came out as the coolest. To distribute the light, Megaphoton 315W has high efficient reflectors which deliver unprecedented uniformity of light.

    • 315 Watts for brightness and maximum growth.
    • The most efficient CMH lamp on the market!
    • CMH lamps use one fifth of the power of comparable incandescent light bulbs for the same light output.
    • Runs coolest, proven with independent tests. 
    • Dimmable Controller.
    • Unprecedented uniformity of light distribution.

    Megaphoton 315W Single Ended CMH Grow Light Fixture Includes

    • Reflector- Proven reflection of up to 95% of the light.
    • Dimmable Controller.
    • Plug and Play Control.

    SunBlaster LED Growlight Garden Specifications

    • Color: White
    • 315 watts
    • 120-240V
    • Dimensions: 19.3" Wide x 10.2" Deep x 11.6" Tall.

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