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ThermX-15M Powdered Yucca Extract

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ThermX-15M Powdered Yucca Extract is an organic wetting agent, sticker and spreader.  Yucca extract is a vital part of all liquid application programs because growing conditions are never perfect. Crops are subject to many kinds of stress conditions that limit production and quality. ThermX-15M helps plants overcome these stresses. ThermX-15M is a concentrated plant extract containing the natural surfactant saponin. Saponin is found in certain desert plants like Yucca and helps plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of the desert. When placed in the root zone, ThermX-15M helps turf and crop plants in much the same manner.

Saponin is a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension. This action enhances better w
ater penetration into the soil, subbing of beds and drainage of excess water from the root zone. Under stress conditions, saponin increases the plant's ability to utilize water more efficiently, which thus results in: Improved seed germination and stand establishment, Increased water uptake and Improved fertilizer uptake. Water and nutrients are no longer wasted as they are better  taken up and used by the plants. The root systems are often denied the water and nutrients needed because of soil compaction, poor water penetration and subbing, and by the action of excess salinity and alkaline conditions. ThermX-15M relieves these stresses, increasing crop yields. 



  • Natural Wetting Agent.
  • Natures Way to higher Yields.
  • Protects Crops Against Heat and Water Stress.
  • Relieves Soil Compaction.
  • Increases Water Penetration.
  • Protects Against Salinity and Alkali Soil Conditions.
  • OMRI Listed.


  • Add approximately 0.25 pound of ThermX-15M Powdered Yucca Extract per 1,000 square feet (10 lb. per acre or 0.5 Cup per cubic yard).
  • One cup of ThermX-15M weighs 2.25 ounces.
  • The powder can be dissolved in any amount of water to apply yucca directly to plants trees or soil.
  • Alternatively, ThermX-15M can be added directly into your tank mixture to facilitate application and to add an organic spreader / sticker.  
  • Saponin extracted from Yucca schidigera .......... 4% by weight.
  • 1 lb. (Covers 4,356 square feet).
  • 5 lb. (Covers 21,780 square feet or 0.5 acres).
  • 55 lb. (Covers 5.5 Acres).  




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