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Worm Power Granular Worm Castings

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WORM POWER WORM CASTINGS (or vermicompost) harnesses the power of tens of millions of earthworms in ideal and environmentally controlled conditions and fed a single and consistent feed, to produce the finest quality bio-stimulant available. The worm castings are then heated thermophilically to absolutely eliminate and pathogens and weed seeds. Worm Power is committed to delivering the highest quality vermicompost available anywhere to growers, golf course superintendent and landscapers. The science-based, research-supported process produces an environmentally safe organic bio-stimulant that improves the physical structure, chemical composition, and biological activity of soils and soilless medias.

Worm Power is the largest process-controlled producer of worm-worked materials and castings (vermicompost) in the Western Hemisphere. All products are OMRI listed for use by certified organic producers and turf professionals. 

  • Single input source of compost for absolute product consistency.
  • The only worm casting heated thermophilically (manually) for absolutely no pathogens or weed seeds.  Most composts rely on internal composting heat, which does not get hot enough to eliminate many weed seeds.  
  • Backed by university studies, including from Cornell University, to validate the process and efficacy of this uniquely produced product.
  • OMRI Listed for use by organic applicators to ensure quality and a verify it as an organic product.  

The Worm Power Difference


Worm Power Worm Castings Thermophilic ProcessingWorm Power is derived from only a single source of compost for the vermicomposting process, helping to ensure an end product that is consistent, uniform, and repeatable.

Thermophilic Composting & Monitoring: The raw materials are composted indoors within controlled, engineered, aerated static piles. This high temperature thermophilic composting step is completed prior to all vermicomposting. Compost batches are monitored daily to ensure that temperatures are maintained between 131° and 170°F for a minimum of three consecutive days, and that adequate aerobic and moisture conditions are met.
Vermicomposting Method: Engineered flow-through digesters are a critical component of the Worm Power vermicomposting process. These digesters, which host millions of earthworms, are located in environmentally controlled, enclosed buildings that actively maintain a regulated living environment for a healthy worm population.
Screening & Packaging: Finished vermicompost and worm casting products are screened to a variety of uniform particle sizes for ease of handling and consistent performance. Worm Power is screened, packaged, and stored indoors. Worm Power uses independent labs, including those at Cornell and Penn State Universities, for lab testing of feedstock, feedstock components, and the finished Worm Power vermicompost.


Worm Power is Backed by University Research


Cornell University has been studying the properties and efficacy of Worm Power for more than six years. Findings from these studies include evidence that the use of Worm Power enhances plant growth. Experiments evaluating multiple organic media components in greenhouse seedling production have demonstrated that mixes containing Worm Power vermicompost produce the strongest, most vigorous plants. Additionally, researchers note that vermicompost can successfully be used as a sole nutrient source for vegetable and flower plug production. 

Worm Power Worm Castings Vermicompost University Study Cornell

Worm Power Organic Worm Castings Turf University Study

    More University Science & Research on Worm Castings:

    • Turf: Apply 10 lb. per 1,000 sq. feet twice per year (early spring and late fall). For best results, apply using a drop spreader.
    • Plants, Shrubs and Trees: Top-dress planted area with 1/8” to the drip line of the plant canopy (Heavy feeders: every two weeks; Light feeders and Ornamentals: every 4 weeks).
    • Pre-Planting: Work 30 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. into top 6” of soil.
    • Potting Mixes: Worm Power is an excellent supplement to enrich standard soils or potting mixes.  Use 5% Worm Power by weight or volume with standard soils or potting mixes.

    • 3 lb. Bag (Covers 333 sq. ft. as a top dressing).
    • 15 lb. Bag. (Covers 1,665 sq. ft. as a top dressing).
    • 40 lb. Bag. (Covers 4,000 sq. ft. as a top dressing).
    • 1 Cubic Yard Sack (900 lb.)*
    • 2 Cubic Yard Sack (1,800 lb.).*

    * Call (866) 374-5101 or e-mail us at for more information or bulk and wholesale pricing.  


    100% Organic Vermicompost (Worm Castings and Worm Worked Materials).







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