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Stop Fall's Grubs from Becoming Spring's Problem

Stop Fall's Grubs from Becoming Spring's Problem

Fall is here and the grubs are out; that means it’s a perfect time to save your lawn with grubGONE! In addition to killing the grubs that are actively munching on your turf roots (and destroying your yard from below before you even see it). Applying this grub treatment now will also mitigate damage caused by foraging animals as well as grub infestations next spring.grubGONE!

Between September and October, the grubs that hatched in August work through their first few stages of growth (instars). This means they need lots of food to survive the winter and emerge as the beetles that lay their eggs in your lawn and start the cycle anew in July. 

Applying in the fall gives you a chance to hinder that cycle.

During the fall months, grubs dine on turf roots below the surface. By the time they’re done in October, your lawn could be reduced to nothing but dirt as the grass dies and blows away.

grubGONE! is a biological insecticide that uses a natural soil bacterium called Btg (Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae) to control and prevent grub activity, making it the first organic product proven to outperform synthetic alternatives. Not only does grubGONE! work better than synthetics, it’s also easier on the environment as it is not toxic to bees, pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Unlike chemical products that kill on contact, the microbes in grubGONE! linger in treated areas for three months to be ingested by grubs. Though it can take up to a week to kill a grub, the Btg induces sepsis and prevents further feeding until their death. 

Applying grubGONE! in the fall when the grubs are at their most damaging reduces the need for a spring application. Cutting down on the number of grubs feeding now will mean there aren’t as many beetles next season to lay the eggs that become fodder for moles and other rodents. Plus, there will be fewer grubs gnawing on your important turf roots in the next cycle. 

That’s why it’s important to target grubs during the fall every year.

How to know when you have a grub problem

Grubs do most of their damage underground to the vital root systems that keep lawns healthy, so it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs:

  • Increased mole and skunk activity

If you notice moles and skunks prowling your lawn more than usual, it could mean that they’ve detected an elevated number of grubs. That’s a feast for them and a problem for you. Treating your grub problem will help keep away larger pests like skunks and moles.

  • Birds digging in your lawn

Many birds dine on grubs as well. If you catch them rooting through your lawn for a snack, it may mean you have too many grubs in your soil.

  • Check a one foot by one foot patch of grass

You can also try cutting a one foot by one foot square of turf around three sides and rolling it up to expose the roots and see for yourself. If you find five or more grubs in one square foot, you might have an infestation on your hands. It would be a good time to apply grubGONE! Grubs are a natural part of the environment. One or two grubs in 1 square foot of turf doesn’t require treatment.

Seeing increased bird, mole, and skunk activity but not finding many grubs in your root system could mean they’re feasting on worms instead. If secondary damage from moles is a problem, consider repelling the moles directly. We recommend I Must Garden Mole and Vole Repellent which comes in both liquid and granular varieties. Both will repel pesky rodents without harming them or other species.

What will grubGONE! control?

GrubGONE! is effective against many common species of white grubs that can terrorize your lawn in three of their life stages.

  • Japanese beetle larvae
  • Oriental beetle larvae 
  • Asiatic beetle larvae
  • European chafer larvae
  • Green June beetle larvae
  • May or June beetle larvae
  • Northern masked chafer larvae
  • Southern masked chafer larvae
  • more

Application Instructions

GrubGONE! is the same product we recommend to our professional clients for use on lawns, golf courses and commercial grounds like airports and shopping complexes. The state of Connecticut has even exempted grubGONE! from areas where pesticide laws are applicable such as schools and municipal parks.

In short, grubGONE! is great for application on all lawns and landscaped areas.

Apply at a rate of 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet and water in with 1/4th of an inch of water within a few days after application.

For more information and to see our sizes and pricing, click here!

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